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Helping small businesses create and maintain an online presence. 

Teen Lancers, a company founded by two teens looking for a way to make use of their tech skills while making enough money to pay for college tuition. Their sole reason for establishing this company with these specific services was because they wanted to help small businesses structure their social media better with proper graphics. They were tired of googling up a local business and getting any results from their search. They have started their initiative because they want small businesses to understand the importance of a website, something that Teen Lancers can provide. ​


Social Media Management
Automation is the way forward, whether it be for algorithms to run a robot or to make posts on social media platforms. Teen Lancers understands that and automates all posts in advance for up to 6 months. 

Graphic Design
Need a banner, or postcards, or flyers, don’t worry Teen Lancers got you covered

Website Development
In today's world, it is crucial for every small business, a startup to have a website. Let Teen Lancers help you make your website that is perfect for your needs. 

Busy? Us too. So let’s not waste any time in taking a few snaps to capture the cute moments that we want to cherish forever. Teen Lancers will do their best work so that you can look back at your best self.

Need a short film or a gif as an advertisement? Just give Teen Lancers a call and we can help you with whatever it is that you need.

1 on 1 Computing Class
In a world that relies so much on technology, mastering it becomes as essential as mastering the art of breathing. Teen Lancers will try their best to teach you all that they know.


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